Mobile Power

Powertrak™ trailers for mobile applications are designed to handle the rigors of the road

Tramont POWERTRAK™ trailers are built to handle the rigors of the road and include a wide selection of standard and optional accessories. They also feature an exclusive bolt-together design that makes it easy to convert to stationary units.

POWERTRAK™ trailers are designed and built to safely support your gen-set while withstanding the stresses of the road. They are built and warranted by Tramont, an industry leader for over a quarter century. POWERTRAK™ trailers are available in single or double wall models for gen-sets up to 500kW.

Tramont includes as standard the items most frequently requested in a fuel tank trailer, as well as optional accessories. POWERTRAK™ trailers can be purchased as a stand alone unit or can be combined with your gen-set and gen-set enclosure into a complete package, ready for shipment

  1. Bolt together construction, making it possible to convert trailer to a stationary unit

  2. Torflex axle

  3. All steel heavy channel construction (tongue and side)
  4. Adjustable height pintle/ball hitch

  5. Adjustable front jack stand

  6. Two rear adjustable jack stands

  7. Heavy duty fenders constructed of formed steel and bolted to side channels
  8. Non-skid material on top surface of fenders

  9. 12 volt, electric all-wheel brakes

  10. 15/16" tire and wheel assemblies conform to axle ratings
  11. Tie down brackets for shipping

  1. Parking brake

  2. Hydraulic surge brake

  3. Bolt on gasketed cable box
  4. Bolt on spare tire